·      2016 Advancing Informal STEM Literacy& Learning: A Co-Created Citizen Science Rainwater Harvesting in Underserved Communities, National Science Foundation, Division of Research and Learning, Advancing Informal STEM Learning program. Total Award: $2,260,186; Funding Period:2016-2021(PI: Ramirez- Andreotta MD; Co-Is: Kilungo A, McLain J, Abrell J, Root, R).
Visit Project Harvest website:

·      2016 Contaminant Drift and Organic Farms in Southern Arizona. Toxics Release Inventory University Challenge, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Memorandum of Understanding, Period: 2016-2017

·      2016 Investigation of Urban Agriculture Applications for City of Tucson Landfills. Office of Environmental Services, City of Tucson. Total Award: $37,382; Funding Period: 2016-2017 (PIs: Ramirez-Andreotta MD, Brusseau ML).

·      2016 Tintown Drainage Study, City of Bisbee. Total Award: $2,500; Funding Period: 2016-2017.

·      2016 Democratizing Science: Developing Tools to Effectively Evaluate Co-Created Citizen Science Efforts in Rural Mining Towns. Device for Interdisciplinary Research on Human-Environments Interactions Laboratory for Excellence, French National Center for Scientific Research. Total Award: $7,851; Funding Period: 2016-2017.

·      2016 Hazardous Waste Risk and Remediation in the Southwest, Research Translation Core. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Total Amount: $90,000; Funding Period: 2016 -2018 (PI: Ramirez-Andreotta MD, Co-PIs: Brusseau ML, Artiola JF, Maier RM; P42ES04940 PI: Maier, RM).  Visit program website:

·      2016 Risk Communication and Environmental Toxicology. Arizona Department of Health Services, Total Award: $25,342; FundingPeriod:2016-2017.

·      2015 Citizen Science in 2016: A Stakeholder Analysis. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Total Award: $7,000; Funding Period: 2016 (US Lead, sole invited solicitation, along with Göbel C- Europe, Martin V-Australia.
To view publication, visit:…

·      2015 Facilitating Community Action to Address Climate Change and Build Resiliency in Southern Metropolitan Tucson. Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice, Total Amount: $25,000; FundingPeriod:2016 (PIs: Wolf AM ,Ramirez-Andreotta MD, BettertonE).

·      2015 Building a Culture of Health in the Green: Gardens as Hubs for Community Engaged Research and Environmental Health Literacy. University of Arizona TRIF Water, Energy, and Environmental Solutions Program through the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining, Total Award: $10,000; Funding Period: 2016-2017. Visit Gardenroots website:

·      2014 Social Science Environmental Health Interdisciplinary Collaborations. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Conference Grant; Total Award: $20,000; FundingPeriod:2015(PIs: Brown P, Brody J; Co-Is: Ramirez-Andreotta MD, Wylie S.).

·      2014 Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats Center Community Engagement Core. Total Award: $13.5M; Funding Period: 2014. (PI: Phil Brown; Co-I: Ramirez-Andreotta MD; P42 ES04940 PI: Alshawabkeh, A).

·      2013 Grassroots-Mapping and Gardenroots – Hands On, Emerging Methods for Civic Science. College of Social Sciences & Humanities Research/Development, Northeastern University Total Award: $5,000; Funding Period: 2013-2014 (PI: Ramirez-Andreotta MD; Co-PIs: Wylie S, Brown P).

·      2010 Neighborhood Gardens and Green House Study to Determine Metal Uptake in Vegetables Grown Near Iron King Mine Tailings. Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Total Award: $15,000; Funding Period: 2010-2012.