University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

ENVS 170A: Introduction to Environmental Science (Fall/Spring)

ENVS 310: Ecosystem Health and Justice (Fall)

ENVS 415/515: Translating Environmental Science (Spring)

ENVS 482/582: Reclamation and Redevelopment of Impacted Lands (Spring)

Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Fall 2014, Fall 2013

PHTH 2350: Community and Public Health

Spring 2014

PHTH 5214: Introduction to Environmental Health

Fall 2013

ENVR 2900: Special Topics in Environmental Studies

Summer 2013

PHTH 5440: Community-based Participatory Research

Invited Guest Lectures


University of Puerto Rico-Medical Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Social Determinants of Health


Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

PHTH 4515 - Health Policy: Public Health in Crisis; PHTH 5230: Global Health; HLTH 5450: Healthcare Research; SBSY 5100: Sustainable Design and Technology in Construction;

SOCL 3485: Environment, Technology, and Society


The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.CPH 484/584: Fundamentals of Industrial and Environmental Health; SWES 415/515: Translating Environmental Science


University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

9/2016 - present

8/2017- present

8/2017- present

8/2017- present

5/2015 - present

9/2017 - present

Dorsey Kaufmann, MFA Candidate

AJ Moses, PhD Student

Jesus Solis-Leon, PhD Student

Iliana Majon, Masters student

Tawfiq Alfaifi, PhD Candidate

Leona Davis, Masters student

8/2016 - present

Hanna Hard, Masters student

12/2016- present

Denise Moreno Ramirez, PhD Student

8/2015 - 5/2017

Shana Sandhaus, Master of Science

Northeastern University, Boston MA

4/2014 – 11/2015


Tapper, A., Masters of Public Health Capstone Committee Member, The Intrinsic Benefits Associated with Community Gardening in Boston, Massachusetts.

12/2013 – 4/2014

Harvey, M., Masters of Public Health Capstone Committee Member, Leadership Development and Popular Education as a Strategy to Improve Community Health: A Case Study of Emerging Leaders in Somerville, MA.


9/2017 - present

5/2017 - present

9/2016 - 12/2016

Parker Kaufmann

Ramani Menjugas

Garrett M. Obermeyer, University of Arizona

8/2015 – 5/2016

Hanna Hard, University of Arizona

8/2015 – 5/2016

Emily Rose, University of Arizona

7/2015 – 9/2015

Adriana Flores Canales, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Coahuila, Mexico

6/2015- present

Melisa Jane Bohlman, University of Arizona

1/2015 – 12/2015

Diamond Clough, Northeastern University